Recruitment Methodology


Most sales recruitment processes will seek to measure the skills, knowledge and personality / team fit competencies for each candidate, using traditional tools such as CV, Competency Based Interviews, Psychometric testing , Assessment Centre testing etc. If done robustly, this will establish the underlying capabilities for each candidate.

What it won’t do is to confirm whether the candidate will use these capabilities if they get the job…!

The premise behind what Glyvolution measures is this…

“No matter how skillful and knowledgeable a candidate may appear, this is of little commercial use for any business if they are uncomfortable actually using these abilities in front of a customer”

This emotional discomfort, which restricts a sales person’s performance, effectiveness and sustainability, is known as Sales Call Reluctance (SCR).  It is vital to understand it’s potential impact on a person before you appoint them to sell for you

Once you are happy with all these criteria you simply use the Glyvolution profiling tool to see how likely they are to actually use them when out on territory. The process follows these 5 steps


This is normally between initial interview and assessment centre – see schematic below.

1. Agree where the Glyvolution Report will be used within your current recruitment process. (Normally between initial interview and assessment center) {for overview see link to recruitment in depth – rec 4}

2. Glyvolution email an ‘On-line Completion Guide ‘ PDF which contains the following:

  • Instructions of how to complete the questionnaire
  • Link to Glyvolution website
  • Unique password
  • Completion deadline
  • Glyvolution contact details for support

3. Glyvolution process the results and the PDF report is then sent to the recruitment team. Glyvolution are available Pre and Post candidate interview to help and support. 

4. An Interview Support Guide is provided which contains questions to help explore key results. It also highlights other evidence to look for during assessment etc. NB: All report users need to be trained. 

5. By exploring candidates SCR traits you will see the true impact they will have on future performance, and you can therefore make more informed choices about their suitability for your sales vacancy.


Note:  As with all psychometric testing, the Glyvolution Recruitment Report should never be the sole source of information on which recruitment decisions are made.  A selection of other information sources such as curriculum vitae, personal interviews, references, assessments etc should also be used to determine suitability in terms of competence.

In order for the Glyvolution Recruitment Report and the Glyvolution Interview Support Guide to be used appropriately, they must only be used by those individuals who have received formal Glyvolution training.


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The Glyvolution headhunting service covers all sectors and functional areas including sales, finance, operations, general management, commercial, technical, supply chain and engineering. To date, headhunting has been conducted across the whole of the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and further afield in Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Africa, USA, Australia and Turkey.


At Glyvolution, we operate a standard policy of providing a short-list of exceptional Interim candidates within five working days of receiving the brief, allowing our clients to be confident that their requirements are being met in a timely manner.


Operating in conjunction with you At Glyvolution, we operate a policy of providing a shortlist of appropriate fully interviewed and well briefed candidates within 4 weeks of receiving your go-ahead.


We provide bespoke Recruitment support and all of our clients receive a Glyvolution Recruitment Report containing an overall summary of the candidate’s profile together with specific suggestions in terms of the SCR areas to explore further.


International Recruitment is one of the key aspects of working with many of our clients as they look to expand their business globally. Our team of recruiters and headhunters are capable of sourcing candidates internationally, regardless of location.


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