Exhibitions and events are valuable for businesses because they allow face-to-face communication and offer opportunities for networking.

When you are looking for a partner to entrust your trade show, convention or event, you want an expert.  You want a partner composed of experienced professionals who aim to raise the bar every day.  You want a partner that you can trust your vision to.  You want a partner who will understand you, not try to put your culture into a box.

Glyvolution is that expert.  With individuals who have over years of consistently delivering sales, enhancing the overall attendee and exhibitor experience, all while watching the budget, Glyvolution is the solution.  From full-service show or event management to providing operations or sales support, Glyvolution is your expert.


  • Expert of Sales Events & Exhibitions excellence, delivering the finest services worldwide.

  • The go-to place for turn-key event, conference and conventions operations.

  • Our professional conduct and systems make sure projects are operationally flawless and the credit for success always goes to the client.

  • A highly energized team of sales events & exhibitions – professionals whose only focus is delivering world class events. We consistently deliver a great event experience and make sure our results meet and exceed the expectations of our high quality clients.

  • Glyvolution apply industry best practices as our management foundation and continuously seek ways to do things better. We implement cutting edge technology and have mastered our exclusive industry leading applications and processes to deliver the greatest events possible.

  • We are the Experts at growing and improving sales event & exhibition within the scope of our client’s needs and capacity.

  • We track with our clients plans and understand their capabilities.

  • We help develop new opportunities with agreed project parameters.

  • We Deliver Total Confidence events & exhibition performance.

  • Clients trust that we deliver what is needed for success.

  • Masters of Professional Sales events & Exhibition Presentation and Operations Excellence. Our shows look great and function with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.