Your business is one of a kind. So why trust decisions about the future of your business to a generic traditional template? For one thing, the options available can be overwhelming. Factor in cost, time and resources and immediately the need for dedicated and qualified partners become apparent. Let Glyvolution’s Services assist you in determining the right strategic direction for your company. We can help you acquire competitive advantages from your current processes and available technology.

Project management sales processes involve smart planning and implementation. Project management uses a systematic method to takes brainstorming and creative thinking to effective implementation. Sales professionals can combine proven sales theories with project management’s control, monitoring, and execution to make their company more competitive. 

Services we take care in Project Management Sales

Branding Strategies

Successfully executing a brand strategy needs attention to facts and substantial investment. Your company’s future depends on the proper execution of brand strategies. This process involves close coordination and collaboration between your company’s different functional units which is similar to project management. Brand management needs consistent implementation and attention to detail as well as the larger picture’ this is also the basis of project management.

Customer Relationship Management

It is easier and more cost-effective to get repeat business from existing clients than to acquire new ones. Glyvolution can help you in this task as we need to build a good relationship and rapport with clients. Therefore, apart from the skills needed for successful technical and commercial execution of projects, Glyvolution will also possess the skills required to enhance your company’s sales capabilities.

Promises to Customers

Sometimes, in the bid to close the deal, sales professionals promise deliverables that can be hard for project team members to achieve. Sales activities thus heavily impact project initiation and planning. Sales professionals need to understand their role clearly and how it impacts project management workflows. This will enable them to define client needs with clarity and help set realistic project schedules and pricing.

Product or Service Launch

You can effectively apply project management concepts to your company’s launch of a new product or service. Follow project management principles to adopt an organized approach, get confidence and buy-in from company employees, and implement a streamlined and efficient process that reduces time-to-market.

SalesForce Automation

SalesForce Automation (SFA) can also benefit from project management principles. Companies and clients can collaborate to create a robust project initiation process. This process can start early in your company’s sales cycle and when the deal is closed you have clear objectives, goals, charter, and authority in place. Process focus is also improved by aligning SFA with project management principles. SFA projects focus on the implementation of products and product deliverables and not the on immense change brought about by SFA. Project management changes the focus to the activities and tasks that are needed for change.

Sales Initiatives

Sales managers can no longer depend only on their personalities to lead their team or close deals. In today’s cutthroat marketplace, products are getting commoditized and margins reduced. Plus, it has become hard to differentiate your company from the rest of the competition. Therefore, Glyvolution will help your sales reps to focus on improving the conventional sales workflow by focusing on customer needs and how to address them in the sales cycle and later while implementing the solution accepted by the client.

Glyvolution helps entrepreneurs by project managing their sales processes, and we understand the challenges they face. We have many years of experience in the dynamics of profitable sales growth, of how to innovate and maximize competitive edge.