Glyvolution, established in 2013 as a leading web development business has emerged into a professional business development agency. Owned and operated by Stavros and Ben Stapleton in the UK, the company envisions to offer premium services to its clients. 

We aspire to work closely with the entrepreneurs as their reliable business partners and manage their sales processes and business growth aspects so they can competently reach their projected goals. 

We help SMEs excel and reach new heights of successes through our effective business growth strategies, which are precisely designed to provide apt support to the companies so they can innovate and outcast their competitors. 

Our company is led by a team of experts who possess strong industry insights and technical expertise that will help progress businesses meaningfully.  

We are committed to achieving excellent growth results regardless of the challenging organizational, cultural and market conditions.



SMEs do not have to worry about business growth when they partner with, Glyvolution, as they benefit from lead generation strategies tailor-made specifically for their business. Micro-businesses and Manufacturing companies can also benefit from our growth strategies, which are designed to increase their top and bottom lines. Our services all focus on business growth, either through increasing sales, or reducing costs. In addition, Accounts can benefit from a suite of services designed to provide expert guidance to their clients at no cost to them.