Exit Strategy

All businesses should have an exit strategy whether you intend to sell immediately, in the long-term or perhaps never. 

Why? Because it drives your every action. Want to retire early? Leave the business to a family member? Get a management buy out?  An exit strategy can help that. 

For future proofing your business

We are the compass of our clients’ sales missions and strategy. Imagine this…

You’re in a desert and you can see where you want to go. You start walking but eventually end up miles from your destination.

As humans, we don’t walk in completely straight lines. We naturally walk to the left or right ever-so-slightly so you will always end up going round in circles. 

An exit strategy is your compass. It guides you from A to B with as few hurdles in between as possible. It is the beginning, the end and everything in between. 

We focus on what needs to be done to achieve your exit strategy in the most resourceful way possible. 

These are just 4 things you need to consider for your exit strategy:

Business Plan


Balance of Clients

Growth Pattern