Client Negotiations

In order to do good business, and keep customer retention high, you must understand what their real needs are, and this is exactly the purpose of client negotiations.

Why Have Client Negotiations?

client negotiationsSometimes, a client’s needs change as the time passes, but that information is not necessarily available to you, which can result in a disconnect between expectations and delivery. An example of this would be where your experiences of the client’s needs in the past means that you understand them to need A, B and C, but in actual fact, they are expecting C, D and E.

This can be brought about for a number of reasons. Perhaps some of the client’s personnel have changed, or even decision makers have rotated. Perhaps the target audience for the business has also changed over time, and so your solution doesn’t hit the mark anymore.

The end result is frustrating for you, because you’ve put in the necessary effort for the solution, but the client isn’t happy, and it's frustrating for the client, because they feel that you no longer understand what they truly need.

It's in situations like this where client negotiation can be such a powerful tool. You meet with the client and discuss their situation, and in doing so, you reinforce your relationship with them. You gain a deeper understanding of their business, and how it's changed and evolved over the months/years, and this in turn allows you to do better business with them.

Why Glyvolution?

Glyvolution has many years of experience in this area from SMEs to multinational companies; we understand how these companies work. We have the skill, experience and the human support in order to bring client negotiations to a successful conclusion.

When using Glyvolution for your client negotiations, we are a representative of your company, and go in with the express aim of reinforcing (or in some cases rebuilding) a solid working relationship between you and your clients.

Complementary Services

Glyvolution offer a range of different services to increase your website traffic and boost online conversions and sales. Some of our services complement each other rather well. Client Negotiation, for example, works quite well when it's supported with:

  • Telesales/Telemarketing - Telemarketing isn't just about making sales. It can be used very effectively for calling up existing clients as a courtesy call, and often leads to upsell opportunities. Most importantly, it allows you to gauge the overall mood or feeling that a particular client or set of clients has towards you, so you can ascertain whether a client negotiation meeting will be required.
  • Business Cards - It never hurts when engaging in client negotiations to leave your business card. A simple reminder of the business you have done in the past, and the productive meeting you just had.

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