Client Relationship Management

A CRM is a management tool where the sales department of an organisation can manage sales activities.

CRMs contain aggregated data about your clients, business contacts and leads. Everything from the basics - such as names, contact numbers and business addresses - to more statistically relevant data - such as purchasing habits, expectations, feedback and brand awareness.

The idea behind gathering this data is to build up meaningful relationships with your existing and potential clients, and by doing so, assist your business in making those all-important sales.

Benefits of Using a CRM

Let's take an example to see how a CRM can assist in boosting your sales:

Having had an initial meeting with a prospective client, you ascertain that Mrs Smith takes her coffee white with one sweetener, and that she has been very stressed lately due to the poor health of her youngest son, who for the benefit of this example, we will call Joe.

Now let us assume that you are competing with another organisation for Mrs Smith’s business. Unknown to you, your competitors have undercut your quoted price by 5%, but they don't use a CRM to record data about their prospects.

During your second meeting with Mrs Smith, you (or your staff) know what drink to have prepared for her during your meeting, and you are armed with the recorded information about her son, Joe, to use as an opener before the meeting.

Proper usage of a CRM will mean that you understand more about them and their business, you are much more likely to bring the sale to completion, even if your prices are slightly higher than those of your competitors.

The best part is that by continuing to gather data after you've made a sale, your support to your clients gets better and better, helping you to build up a solid working relationship between your two companies.

Complementary Services

Glyvolution offer a range of different services to increase your website traffic and boost online conversions and sales. Some of our services complement each other rather well. A CRM, for example, works quite well when it's supported with:

  • Data Cleansing (Telemarketing) - Ensuring your database of clients and potential customers is up to date and accurate is important for your team when they are trying to arrange meetings or close a sale.
  • Database/Contact Lists - Having a well-structured list of contacts relevant to your business' target demographic helps to increase your conversion rates. These contacts can be imported directly into your CRM.

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