Client Contact Lists

A database or contact list allows you to interact with potential clients, or leads, that are relevant to your business’ interests.

Contacts are sourced, usually in batches of 100 or so names/businesses at a time, and are focused specifically on the target audience for your business. It's for this reason that a business development plan works so well with sourcing leads.

Having high-quality, targeted data allows you to start marketing campaigns, and to cut down on wasted time and resources when marketing your products or services.

Having this data available for your leads, and even your existing clients gives you solid foundations on which to build rich data.

What is Rich Data?

contact listWhat we mean by 'rich data' is information pertaining to each client and lead that can assist in making a sale, up-selling, or just reinforcing your ongoing relationship with your clients. This isn't limited purely to measurable data, such as geographical location or business sector, but is expanded into qualitative data, such as personal information.

Rich data arms you with the information you need to help make sales. For example, knowing that your client is a big fan of tennis and that Wimbledon is currently on, allows you the opportunity to arm yourself with some preliminary information about the game so you have something other than business to talk about - either as a conversation opener, or towards the end of the discussion. The idea is to build and reinforce connections with the people to want to do business with, and a high quality contact list or client database is the single best way to start this process.

Taking it Further

Keeping track of all this rich data about your leads and existing clients can become incredibly fiddly when working with Excel files. To unlock the full potential of your lists, you should ideally invest in some customer relationship management (CRM), which allows you to log this kind of information, as well as track the progress of sales and marketing.

Why Glyvolution?

We have the means to drill down on contacts' data to very specific requirements. Whether you’re just interested in plumbers based out of London, or you want something much more focused, such as sole trader plumbers that live in North London, between the ages of 35 and 55, we can provide what you need.

We source only high-quality contacts that have been pre-screened to meet TPS regulations.

Complementary Services

Glyvolution offer a range of different services to increase your website traffic and boost online conversions and sales. Some of our services complement each other rather well. Contact Lists, for example, work quite well when supported with:

  • Business Development Plan - This really allows you to have a laser-focused set of requirements for your contacts; to carve out a very niche market for your business.
  • Telemarketing - Making the most of your new contacts and arranging meetings for negotiations and making sales.
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) - Create rich data about your clients and track your marketing campaigns and sales processes.

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