Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of two things - mass-emailed newsletters intended to grab the intention of a few of your contacts and get some eyeballs on your website, or targeted, individual email templates designed to expose information about a particular line of products and services to a hot lead.

We offer solutions to both individual and blanket-emailing requirements.

Email Newsletters

For as long as people have had email addresses, there have been email newsletters to blanket-market products and services from different companies. Email newsletters are the original, and still most widely-used means of email marketing.

So what are they for?

Email newsletters are most effective if you have a large list of people to market your products and services to, and their aim is to get non-specific news and updates out to a large audience and encourage interaction via links to your website. Newsletters often act as a friendly reminder to your contacts that you are out there doing business, and that they should consider you the next time they need any of the products or services that you offer.

Email Templates

Email templates are a fantastic way of delivering stylised content one-to-one. A good example of where these are useful is if you have a client that is interested in a specific line of products or services that you provide. Rather than simply subscribing them to your email newsletter or simply calling them to discuss options, you can provide them with a branded, visual email specifically discussing what they are interested in.

Email templates also work very well as a means of passing on information, such as step-by-step guides that would otherwise be sent as an attachment.

Email Addresses

If you just need an email address to get you started in marketing yourself, your company or your services, then depending on your requirements, we can manage this for you on a per-user basis. If you need a domain name to map your email accounts to, we can handle this as well.

Complementary Services

Glyvolution offer a range of different services to increase your website traffic and boost online conversions and sales. Some of our services complement each other rather well. Email Marketing, for example, works quite well when it's supported with:

  • Website hosting and domains - In order to forward or route your emails effectively, you need a domain name as a very minimum. Hosting packages work well too, since your emails will take up space on a server somewhere. There are cloud-based monthly-rental solutions available as well, and we can help advise on the options available to you based on your requirements.
  • Social media management - Linking your email marketing to your social media profiles can help get information about your email newsletters out to a less email-centric audience.
  • Database/contact lists - Ensure that all your email marketing reaches the correct audiences - people that are more likely to sit up and listen to your message and purchase your services.

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