Marketing Plans

The purpose of your marketing plan is to investigate how your product or service should be displayed to your target audience.

A marketing plan forms part of a business development plan, but can also be a standalone document.

Modern marketing plans tend to cover marketing for both traditional means (such as business cards, flyers/mailshots, advertisements) and digital marketing (through online advertising (PPC), email templates, newsletters, websites, social media and so on).

These documents cover the desired 'outward appearance' of your business to your clients - how they see you, and your products/services.

An effective marketing strategy makes the client trust you much quicker than would otherwise be the case - you know your products/services inside out and you are well aware of your target audience and how you can bring the most value to what they do.

Glyvolution has an in-house design team to bring all of your marketing materials to life, and we've been working in marketing for many years with various sizes of business. We are well-placed to give views and advice on how you can success in your chosen field/industry.

While a lot of Glyvolution's services can be used in conjunction with each other to maximise sales, a marketing plan really acts as a springboard for establishing which services would work best for your specific business and industry sector. Generally, we advise making use of our business development planning service, as this includes a marketing plan as well.

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