Sales Negotiations

Sales negotiation is all about understanding your customer, their needs and wants, and how the services you offer them meet those criteria.

A common mistake in newer businesses is the assumption that sales negotiations are about haggling on price. This is not true; simply talking about pricing is a very negative negotiation technique - your clients become fixated on price rather than the value you’re bringing them.

A true sales negotiation is when you speak with a client, face-to-face and convey a clear understanding of their business, their target audience (their customers), and how you can meet their needs. It's about building their trust in your brand, your services, and your experience, so that they buy from you rather than another company bidding for the same contract.

Why Have Sales Negotiations?

Sales negotiation allows for a better understanding of your clients. Understanding the goals, the target audience and culture of your clients is key to winning both new business from new clients and ongoing/further business from existing clients.

Armed with this knowledge, you can appropriately gauge how you are best able to facilitate their needs, and then you can start thinking about sales proposals.

Why Use Glyvolution for Your Sales Negotiations?

Using an external company for your sales negotiations can allow you to have a "bird's eye view" - to gain a deeper understanding of your prospective and existing clients, without having to manage visits yourself - leaving you free to work on your business proper.

Great sales negotiation is an expertise; it takes many years to master. Our team has many years of experience both with our own clients and as a third-party contractor working with other businesses to make sales. We have the knowledge, the experience and the expertise to close your sales.

Complementary Services

Glyvolution offer a range of different services to increase your website traffic and boost online conversions and sales. Some of our services complement each other rather well. Sales Negotiations, for example, work quite well when its supported with:

  • Telesales/Telemarketing - Gathering the correct information about your prospective clients, including the discovery of key decision makers and actually setting the appointments for the sales negotiations to take place. This is an invaluable tool.
  • Database/Contact Lists - Having the right people in your database to be contacted: people relevant to your industry that have been pre-screened for TPS regulations etc.
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) - Allowing you to better manage the entire sales process.

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