Sales Strategy Reviews

Once you identify your route to market via your business development plan, you can start moving into the marketplace with your products/services. This is achieved with a sales strategy review.

sales strategy reviews

A sales strategy review looks at your conversion rates for sales. It evaluates all your forms of marketing and sales processes and highlights areas that are working as well as those that are not.

Processes that are not performing as well as desired, or are costing more than they are generating can then be re-adjusted, or dropped entirely in favour of increasing the budget for the processes that are already effective.

The whole point of a sales strategy review is to maximise the time and money spent on sales processes that actually generate revenue (sales) for your business through monitoring your current marketing activity.

Why Glyvolution?

Glyvolution has many years of experience working with companies to optimise their processes, including sales strategies. We are able to monitor and analyse data from each part of your sales strategy to ensure it is working, both on a technical (data) level and on a human resources level.

This allows us to provide you with an early warning system, highlighting parts of the process that are not working as effectively as they could be, before they become issues of serious concern for the company’s expenditure.

Complementary Services

Glyvolution offer a range of different services to increase your website traffic and boost online conversions and sales. Some of our services complement each other rather well. Sales strategy reviews, for example, work quite well when supported with:

  • Business development planning - understanding your business and the products/services you provide to your clients helps greatly when it comes to planning your sales strategy.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) - One of the main points of a CRM is tracking sales processes. This can be an invaluable tool when evaluating the effectiveness of different marketing and sales techniques in a sales strategy review.

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