Our comprehensive telemarketing services cover several different activities.

Data Cleansing/Pre-Screening

telemarketing, telesales, data-cleansing, appointment-setting, pre-screening, closing salesData cleansing and pre-screening is a telemarketing process for checking or detecting inaccurate records in a database. It's carried out to identify and amend all inaccurate or incomplete data, and remove irrelevant data in the process. Our data cleansing service is designed to keep up-to-date, accurate records in your database (usually a CRM), and clear out erroneous entries. It is also used to help identify numerous contacts within each company you contact, with the eventual aim of discovering the direct contact details of the decision-maker in any given department.

There are numerous benefits to working with high quality data:

  • Data cleansing allows your sales team to focus on what they do best – making sales.
  • Helps in maintaining only accurate information in your CRM or client database. An accurate record improves communication with clients and helps to boost sales.
  • Issues related to delays in mail replies are minimised.
  • Manually checking and amending data entries saves time and improves efficiency in your sales process performance.

Manual checking of data quality ensures that all fields within your client database or CRM are correctly populated, and all errors are either fixed or removed, leaving only relevant, high quality data for your sales team to use.

Database cleansing is essential for all companies in the UK. It can be very difficult to contact the target customer if the database has inaccurate information about the person. A good example of this is email marketing; if your records are not accurate, you may get a high percentage of emails bouncing back.

Appointment Setting

Once you have the relevant information on a company and the appropriate contacts within, you need to use telemarketing in order to arrange meetings. Ultimately, the goal is to be arranging sales meetings, but this could also be applied to client negotiations as well.

Courtesy Calls

Another effective use of telemarketing is highlighting any issues your existing clients have - whether or not they are happy with the service you provide to them, and to increase their understanding of your product/service offerings. It's often easier to give clients a quick call to discuss any issues they're having, and serves as a good reminder of the relationship you've built up with them, as well as the services you provide.

Data Protection Act

We adhere to the Data Protection Act of 1998. We ensure that each person we call is happy to have their information added or updated and is fully aware of their rights under the DPA.

We are a responsible data-handler. We will not resell you or your client's data to third parties or other companies. All data we handle is treated as strictly confidential unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Telephone Preference Service

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a register of telephone numbers of Private Individuals, Sole Traders and Partnerships who do not wish to receive unsolicited sales and marketing calls.

Fines can be levied against companies that do not comply with the TPS, so it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the numbers your sales team are calling are not a part of the register. This is another benefit to using a data-cleansing service. We will cross-check your contact list with the register and flag/remove entries that are part of the TPS.

Complementary Services

Glyvolution offer a range of different services to increase your website traffic and boost online conversions and sales. Some of our services complement each other rather well. Data Cleansing for example, works quite well when it's supported with:

  • CRM - Improves marketing communications. You can ensure that you do not send the same promotional mail to the same person repeatedly.
  • Traditional Marketing - Up-to-date address records for your clients means that your mailshots and flyers will always be delivered to the right person at the right business address, which in turn means much less of your marketing material lining someone's bin!
  • Marketing Plans - knowing who to contact, how, and when is an invaluable tool. Some clients prefer to speak via email.
  • Arranging sales visits - The ultimate goal of telemarketing, like any business process, is to bring value to the company, ideally through increased sales. Arranging sales meetings are vital in closing your sales.

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