Mergers & Acquisitions

Have you ever thought of acquiring or merging with another business and do you believe it’s achievable for you? 

Do you believe you need a lot of money for an acquisition or merger?


Clearly define how to sell your existing company with an exit strategy at the core, or outline how to acquire another company to bring it into yours with our support. 

Growth by Acquisition

Bring your talent in-house and fill the weaknesses in your company through growth by acquisition. Use others’ strengths to provide a bespoke service for clients to benefit all parties involved.


Maximise your staff skill set, capability and output for higher revenue. We’ll identify the ideal businesses to merge with so you can win larger contracts with bigger clients, reduce fixed costs and push your share value up.

I took my security company from earning £1m a year to £3 in just two years. How did I do that? Through Growth by Acquisition. I knew I had weaknesses in my business. I needed additional services so I could offer the bespoke package I do today. So, I acquired companies in camera technology, investigations and van guarding to get to where I am today. You can do this too!

Stav Melides