Singular services to offer a quick injection of lifeblood for your business.

We have a wide array of tools at our disposal in order to get you more customers, as well as keep the clients you currently have happier and more willing to invest further.

Whether you're just looking direction by way of a comprehensive business plan, or a whole re-brand for your business, we can assist you in taking your business to the next level.


We value you and aim to serve you professionally while ensuring excellent outcomes. 

If your business is one of a kind; now you don’t need to take any chances or rely on traditional project management outlines, as Glyvolution’s valuable services will resourcefully assist you to determine the right strategic direction of your company and effectively manage resources. 

We help you plan smartly and implement effectively so that you attain a competitive edge in the industry. Our competent sales professionals capably combine proven sales theories to upgrade systematic procedures and technologies for the best outcomes.

Our valued Sales Project Management Services include:

  • Branding Strategies: A great company vision requires an influential brand strategy, but a sensible implementation defines its success. Glyvolution act as a chief support partner of your business to develop a broad perspective, devise well-targeted branding strategies and support functional units to effectually tap the market.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The most convenient and cost-effective way to acquire more business is to obtain from existing clients rather than new ones. Thus, Glyvolution uses its expertise to help businesses retain their existing clients by building a trustworthy bond with them. So, apart from having the competency to support successful project implementations, we can also capably enhance a company’s sales aptitudes.
  • Promises to Customers: Here at Glyvolution, we professionally train the sales team so they exactly know their role and develop an understanding of how company activities and customer promises impact project success. Hence, a competent company sales team will be able to clearly define client needs and set realistic project schedules and pricing. 
  • Product or Service Launch: At Glyvolution, we offer reliable and successful product and service launch services. From idea to execution, campaign promotions, multi-channel advertising, and launch strategy assessment, we ascertain that you are able to generate the right buzz in the market. We not only help businesses present their offerings in the market but also influence the masses and generate effective sales through persuasive project management ideas. Our regimented and modernized implementation approach ensures effective outcomes. Our expert team assess market opportunities and challenges of the new product or service and strategically launch in the market. 
    We very well understand that establishing a new business is a great challenge, thus the right support can help you reach new heights of successes!
  • Salesforce Automation (SFA): At Glyvolution, we understand our clients better than any other and work hand-in-hand to ascertain the most-wanted results. We support our client’s salesforce to deliver industry-leading products and services. Our commitment and professional approach make us a key part of the sales force team of a company. 
  • Sales Initiatives: In today’s cutthroat market, sales managers might not be skilled in adopting the most effective approach to lead the team, create brand awareness and mature business deals. Glyvolution can help your sales reps to focus solely on improving conventional sales by prioritizing customer needs and addressing them effectually.

    Glyvolution very well understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and resourcefully help them manage their sales processes. We are distinguished for our great experience of profitable sales growth and the way we innovate and maximize competitive advantage.


At Glyvolution, we productively partner with our clients to develop the most effective commercial negotiation agendas. We strategize by adopting a client-centered approach and using the most innovative tools and technologies so that our client businesses can enjoy a competitive advantage. 


Identifying the right approach to tap the market via an effective business development plan is the key to success, and this can be successfully achieved through a precise sales strategy review. 

Glyvolution’s valuable sales strategy review services meticulously analyze a company’s sales conversion rates, and evaluate its marketing tactics and sales processes, while highlighting its strong and weak aspects. We also offer a range of complimentary services that notably enhance website traffic and boost online conversions and sales. Our sales strategy review services are aptly supported by business development planning and Customer Relationship Management amenities. 


At Glyvolution, we provide all-embracing, innovative, profitable and pro-active sales growth strategies and project management services, which are featured by sales planning and forecasting, customer classification agenda, proposition matrix, client contact strategy, and sales map and funnel. 


Accurate sales forecasting plays a significant role in determining a company’s success, by enabling it to make better and informed decisions and predict a company’s short-term and long-term performance. 

Glyvolution is esteemed for providing best sales forecasting services in the UK as it enables companies to:

  • Precisely predict attainable sales revenue 
  • Effectively manage a company workforce, cashflows, and other resources 
  • Efficiently plan for a company’s future growth 
  • Make industry-wide comparisons and determine economic trends