Local Link Recruitment


Local Link Recruitment (LLR) is a just-in-time recruitment specialist providing workers for outdoor, pack house and industrial placements.

LLR were looking to expand their current operations through various means in order to gain more workers for more clients. Glyvolution started to support LLR with a business development plan, showing a sustainable route to market for the recruitment company, and built marketing plans on top.

Services Provided

Here are some details of services we have provided to LLR:

  • Business development plan (mentioned above)
  • Squeeze/landing pages – Pages for each of LLR’s key areas (outdoor workers, pack house workers and industrial workers) were created for marketing campaigns.
  • Email templates – A number of email templates have been created as a launchpad for liaising with prospective clients (employers).
  • Re-branding – As part of an ongoing effort to re-invigorate the brand, a new, modern logo was created for the company.
  • Customer Relationship Management – We have provided LLR with access to our bespoke CRM system.
  • Contacts list/leads database – We sourced contacts based on LLR’s criteria of prospective clients ready to market their services.
  • Pre-screening – All of the sourced contacts were pre-screened to ensure conformance with TPS regulations.
  • Sales meetings – We attended sales meetings as a representative of LLR to close sales on their behalf.
  • Client negotiations – Negotiations with existing clients to arrange better deals for both parties, as well as improve client relations.
  • Proposals – We organised, created and sent proposals on their behalf for their prospective clients.
  • Attending business development meetings – Regular meetings to ensure that LLR is on the right track to meet the targets set forth in their approved business development plan.
  • CLIENT Local Link Recruitment
  • YEAR 2014
  • WE DID website design, email marketing, branding
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