Recruitment Methodology

Glyvolution believes that an employee’s performance is not only determined by their qualification but their interpersonal skills also play an equal role (when dealing with customers). Thus, we pay special focus over the Sales Call Reluctance (SCR), which is defined by the inefficiency of a salesperson to perform well. Hence, we operate by using the revolutionary profiling tool to ensure extraordinary results for enterprises. 

Glyvolution adopts a 5-step process to ensure the phenomenal success of their client companies: 
1. Glyvolution Professional Report determines a company recruitment process

2. Glyvolution’s ‘On-line Completion Guide’ features the following: 

  • Instructions to complete the questionnaire
  • Link to Glyvolution website
  • Unique password
  • Completion deadline
  • Glyvolution contact details for support

3. Glyvolution processes company results that are followed by report preparation; the report is further shared with the recruitment team. 

4. Glyvolution’s ‘Interview Support Guide’ 

5. Glyvolution team helps enterprises explore candidates’ SCR traits to determine their future performance and make healthier choices.


Note:  As with all psychometric testing, the Glyvolution Recruitment Report should never be the sole source of information on which company recruitment decisions are made.  A selection of other information sources such as curriculum vitae, personal interviews, references, assessments, and others should also be used to determine candidate competency.

To make proper use of the Glyvolution Recruitment Report and Interview Support Guide, it should be only used by individuals who have received Glyvolution’s training.

- Permanent Recruitment

SME business owners and entrepreneurs prefer a fast growth pace. 
Glyvolution provides the best ‘Permanent Recruitment Services’ that delivers instant and effective sales, finance, operations, general management, production, technical and supply chain management. We shortlist candidates (after the interview) for our client companies in order to facilitate their effective employee hunting procedure. 
At Glyvolution, we understand the great benefits that talented professionals can bring to a business. 

- International Executive Recruitment

Glyvolution is distinguished for facilitating its clients who wish to expand their business globally. 
We have successfully sourced candidates in many countries including the USA, Russia, Africa, Turkey, Mongolia, Europe, Australia, China, Mexico, India, UAE, and New Zealand. We are specialists in recruiting candidates for various sectors including operations, finance, production, sales, business development, supply chain, commercial management, and engineering. Regardless of the sector and functional discipline, we possess the right expertise to find the best candidates for your business.
Glyvolution has successfully served the following sectors to date:

  • Engineering and electronics     
  • Manufacturing   
  • Capital equipment            
  • Process industry         
  • Food and FMCGs     
  • Distribution and Logistics 
  • Mining 
  • Retail       
  • Chemicals
  • Telecommunications       
  • Professional Services   
  • Charities and NPOs

We are distinguished for having a membership of the international recruiter network TEAM and NPA, and for the reliable contacts and key associates in New York, Hong Kong, Dublin, and other countries. Hence, we can help our clients successfully tap global markets.         

- Hourly Recruitment Service

Glyvolution also offers hourly recruitment services; we can either handle the entire process or provide partial support to its clients. 
If you wish to outsource your entire recruitment process, Glyvolution experts can: 

  • Assist clients in outlining job description
  • Create a company job advertisement 
  • Choose most-appropriate advertising options 
  • Help clients set up necessary internal admin and auto-reply mechanisms
  • Coach company staff on how to screen resumes and shortlist candidates
  • Provide effective interview training 
  • Facilitate ongoing telephone and face-to-face support for the recruitment process
  • Help in offer management and acceptance process

For the clients who do not wish to outsource the entire recruitment process, Glyvolution’s offers partial recruitment support services include:

  • Creating and publishing a job advert
  • Resume Assessment 
  • Facilitate Interview Procedures 
  • Assist in offer acceptance 
  • Post Offer Management 

Fixed Fee Recruitment

At Glyvolution, we believe that each client is different but one demand remains constant that is clients seek a worthy deal when recruiting key staff. Hence, our fixed fee recruitment service for private companies is highly cost-effective and best in town.
We offer a full recruitment assignment for a fixed fee, which is much affordable than other standard services.


  • Salary Below £40,000
  • Fixed Fee £ 5,995
  • Salary Between £40,001 And £55,000
  • Fixed Fee £8,495
  • Salary Between £55,001 And £75,000
  • Fixed Fee £10,795
  • Salary Above £75,000
  • Fixed Fee £12,995

Our expert team performs the entire recruitment process from writing job advert to a successful appointment, without missing any stage. To begin, there is a preliminary fee of £1,500 per assignment, which is later deducted from the appointment fee at the time of completion.

This fee deal entails a standard 6-months free replacement guarantee, and if the candidate resigns within 26 weeks of employment, then we re-work the entire process for that particular position without charging any extra.

We also offer an extension, of which fee is as follows: 

  • An additional 3 months, £1,095
  • An additional 6 months, £1,255
  • An additional 9 months, £1,575

For more information, please contact us.

Glyvolution Recruitment Report

We provide bespoke recruitment support to our clients, by preparing a comprehensive recruitment report that comprises of an overall summary of the candidate’s profile and valuable suggestions. The document embraces 3 different color-coded reports, which help measure and clarify questionnaire results and enable the recruiter to gain full insight into the candidate’s sales expertise.

Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ) 

This provides recruiters with information on:

  • Sales Expertise Possessed by A Candidate 
  • Ability to Demonstrate Targeted Sales Results 
  • Cost to The Company 

Decision Support Matrix

This is a numerical analysis of each potential candidate which enables instant comparison between job applications. 

Interview Support Guide

These help recruiters maximize their use of Glyvolution Recruitment Report in interview situations, as the document provides a selection of SCR focused questions formulated specifically for the recruitment evaluation process.

How We Add Value

We not only hunt candidates for our clients but also help them acquire a complete insight into the abilities and potential of their employees. 

How We Help You?

We understand the frustration, time and expense of poor appointment decisions and its impact on early attrition rates, so we help our clients make SMART decisions. 

Where We Fit into Your Current Process?

We profile client company candidates prior to the final selection and help comparison based on their ability to use their skills and knowledge to ascertain company success. 

What Our Service Provides? 

We arrange all the communications required for the questionnaire completion and also generate a comprehensive recruitment report. Apart from this, we also provide an Interview Support Guide to help recruiters explore the key issues. 

Our Service Standards

Our premium services are available 7 days a week (from 7 am – 10 pm). We guarantee tangible outcomes back within a maximum time span of 48 hours but typically manage much swifter results. 

The Proof It Works

According to the Global Predictive Validity studies, there is an 80% correlation between a non-Sales Call Reluctant Score and High Producers, and a 75% correlation between a Sales Call Reluctant score and Marginal producers.
Glyvolution’s evaluation study (carried for 445 candidates) has demonstrated similar results scoring an 82% correlation for High Producers. 

Good News! 

No matter how big or small our client company is, we do not charge any license or upfront fee. Our valued clients just need to pay for the report.